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JG-4020A (Charpy) / JG-4021A (Izod) Digital Dispaly Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

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JG-4020A (Charpy) / JG-4021A (Izod) Digital Dispaly Pendulum Impact Testing Machine  Plastic Testing Machine Plastic Testing

Equipment Usage:
  • JG-4020A Digital Display Pendulum Impact Testing Machine - Charpy, JG-4021A Digital Display Pendulum Impact Testing Machine - Izod.
  • Mainly used to make plastics and hard rubber, glass fiber, glass fiber, glass reinforced plastics, electrical insulation materials, floor tile of pottery and porcelain, cast stone, friction material of simply supported beam and cantilever beam impact test.

Conform To The Standards:
  • GB/T 1043 - 93 'Hard plastic beam impact test method'
  • GB/T 1843 - 1996 'Plastic cantilever beam impact test method'
  • JB/T 8761 - 1998 'Plastic cantilever beam impact test'
  • JB/T 8762 - 1998 'Plastic beam impact testing machine'
  • ISO 179 : 1993 'Plastics - Determination Of Charpy Impact Properties'
  • ISO 180 : 2000 'Plastics - Determination Of Izod Impact Strength'
  • GB/T 18743 - 2002 'Fluid with thermoplastic pipe transmission beam impact test method test method' (that is applicable to pipe impact)

  • Choose imported high precision ball bearing, effective pendulum energy losses to a minimum
  • With high precision photoelectric encoder, to avoid the pointer of the friction energy loss, caused by the equipment operation is simple, easy to use
  • Using carbon fiber shock, reduce the error brought by itself quality factors
  • Can configure multiple pendulum and corresponding support, and easy to change
  • Can increase safety nets, improve the security performance of the tester
  • Equipped with a special liquid crystal display can display the impact absorbing energy and intuitive accurate without having to read data from the dial, without reading error, high accuracy, high efficiency
  • The built-in energy loss can be corrected, making the test results more accurate
  • The printer can print out the test report

Technical Specifications:

Model JG-4020A JG-4021A
Name Digital Display Pendulum Impact Testing Machine - Charpy Digital Display Pendulum Impact Testing Machine - Izod
Pendulum energy 1J, 2J, 4J, 5J 7.5J, 15J, 25J, 50J  1J, 2.75J, 5.5J 11J, 22J       
Pendulum angle 150°
Impact speed 2.9m/s 3.8m/s 3.5m/s
Distance between center of pendulum and sample 221mm 380mm Distance between pendulum center and impact blade: 335mm
Distance between impact blade and jaw 40mm, 60mm, 70mm, 95mm Distance between impact blade and jaw: 22mm
Impact blade angle 30°  
Impact blade radius R=2mm Blade radius: R=0.8mm
Size (L x H x W) 700 x 800 x 300 (mm)
Weight 90Kg 150Kg 90Kg 110Kg
Power supply 220V   200W

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